• Resident Obedience
Training - $3,200/6 weeks

*Prices subject to change

Training is the foundation for a great partnership between your family and your dog.  A trained dog is well behaved, eager to learn and appreciated by others.  Don and Julie Pawlak have been training dogs since 1996.  Don is a registered American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen evaluator and he has worked with leaders in the industry including Devin Inglove of Center Creek Kennels.  Basic obedience is the foundation for more advanced training.  If a dog doesn't know the basics he will never be an effective gun dog; improve the lives of others as a therapy/service dog; or successfully compete in events such as obedience trials and hunt tests.

We strive to give our clients a quality experience.  We believe in a strong combination of time-tested, modern, and some of our own techniques when training dogs.  We help dog owners reach their personal goals, which range from having an obedient pet to a solid hunting dog.  Our 1,500 square foot indoor training facility and 50 plus acre property offer the perfect combination to reach those goals.

Resident Obedience Training:

The perfect choice if you do not have the time to train your dog or are not able to train your dog. Your dog will stay at our facility for a minimum of 6 weeks. Dogs are accepted into our resident obedience training program year-round. Your dog will learn the basic obedience commands of sit, stay, heel and here as well as puppy manners. Your dog will be able to perform all commands on and off lead, indoors and out, and with distractions.
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