Contact Us

Don's Cell: (435) 840-3922
Address: 1883 West Silver Avenue, P.O. Box 276, Stockton, Utah 84071

We are conveniently located a short 10 minutes south of Tooele City.  Take I-80 toward Tooele.  Exit at Tooele/Stansbury (Exit #99).  Continue south on Route 36 for approximately 18 miles. At the south end of Stockton, turn west onto Silver Avenue.  There is a Sinclair gas station on this corner. Look at your odometer. Rush Lake Kennels is on the left exactly 3 miles from your turn onto Silver Avenue. Directions From Google.

Our Staff

Don Pawlak – Owner/Head Trainer
Julie Pawlak – Owner/Trainer

Hours (By Appointment)

Mon - Fri: 9-11:00am & 4-7pm
Saturday: 9-11:30am


We are located on over fifty acres of rural property in Tooele County Utah. We take pride in providing sanitary, safe and comfortable accommodations for your pet. We do our best to ensure they feel it is their home away from home.

Our dog kennel is a 1500 square foot indoor area. The state-of-the-art facility is climate controlled for temperature and humidity. Large windows allow in plenty of natural light. Our dog runs are quite spacious ranging from 32 to 40 square feet and have privacy panels to ensure a tranquil environment. Kennel decks are included in each run to provide the dogs a comfortable place to sleep. On nice days, the doors of the kennel are open to let fresh air circulate and allow guests to see outdoors. Dogs are turned out in our 1500 square foot outdoor exercise yard four times a day.

Our indoor climate-controlled cat room is separate from the dog boarding and training areas. Each guest will enjoy personalized attention, his own individual condo with a personal lounging platform, and premium quality food.

Our resident obedience, service dog and gun dog guests will have access to our 1700 square foot indoor training area and to our 51 acres of varied terrain including high grasses, thick sage, trees and ponds.






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